Joshua's math-ology

Get it fast, get it right


Tired of mathematics?

Your typical math class.

Try Joshuamatics! It is Joshua’s brand of mathematics.

Not your typical teacher.

Mathematics is not a dry subject with Joshua Hooi. He can breathe life into your math, raise your exam grades, and heal your mathematical problems.

You can't fall asleep, even if you try.

He is not keen on handing out answers as a standard lesson plan. “Siapa suka salin, satu hari akan masuk hospital bersalin,” He candidly says in his classes. Perpetually armed with a wise crack and a wise saying, you won’t have a dull moment with him. “Give a student the answer, he will be happy for a day. Teach a student how to answer, he will be happy for a lifetime!”


What drives him is the satisfaction of seeing his students getting better at solving problems. “One day, you will realize that life’s problems are much more complicated. Math is just a training ground – a stepping stone, if you like – that prepares you for greater challenges ahead.”

Problem solved.

Many students have benefited under his tutelage. He responds to house-calls for home tuition classes. But that, of course, is subject to his availability. He operates within the comforts of your own home, at your preferred timing. He is confident with any kind of maths the secondary school has to offer.

You have a problem? Joshua Hooi looks forward to hear from you.


August 15, 2010 - Posted by | Joshua's math-ology

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  1. Hi Joshua. This is cool. Heard about it from Ian. Cant wait till Yash uses it…he is only in Std 2! :-0…til then, God bless!

    Comment by Jo Anne | August 24, 2010 | Reply

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