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You’ve been tagged!

If you see this sticker on your front door…

… then you’ve been tagged. If you do not forward this knowledge to 10 friends within the next 10 hours, you will get 10 days of extremely bad luck that defies mathematical odds. To get the formula that will reverse the odds, dial the number you see on the sticker.

Every sticker is painstakingly cut with scissors, and hand delivered to your door by the man in the sticker himself. He is not employing foreign workers to spam your neighbourhood. He is doing it on his own legs. He plans to substitute his half marathon training with “sticker runs”. If you get the sticker, then you are one of the chosen few.

If you see a guy in running shorts, wearing Brooks Beast shoes, with a utility belt around his waist, putting stickers on doors… honk to show your support.


September 3, 2010 Posted by | Joshua's math-ology | 1 Comment