Joshua's math-ology

Get it fast, get it right


Joshua Hooi gives home tuition classes when he is not busy adding something up.

He comes with his own set of math modules, and promises to help you become better at math. He can tutor you at your own pace, from whichever level you are at. If you feel that you need more personal attention, you can look for him.

If you are in secondary school (Form 1 – Form 5), and if you have a problem with Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, look for Joshua Hooi. He has sufficient experience in the field to fix it for you.

Sometimes, he gets requests for special needs. “I need to get a credit for SPM math, so I can get my diploma in nursing!” Said two nurses-to-be in their late twenties. Joshua Hooi came quickly to their rescue, and effectively fulfilled their need within 2 months.

People also come to him with personal requests. “I really want to get that new iPhone. My mum will buy it for me if I do well in math for my final year exam. Will you please help me?” Always attentive to the cries of the young, he comes to their aid in a jiffy.

He also gets desperate calls every once in a while. “My dad is gonna spank me real bad if I get a ‘C’ for math again. Help me, please!” His compassion compels him to go on a mercy mission. He tutors the boy at the comfort of his home to dispel his fears.

Joshua Hooi is your friendly neighbourhood math specialist. “Just give me a call, 016-206 0041. If I am free, I will come!”

He is also alright if you prefer to email him. He can be contacted at


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